Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Campagna T-Rex

2006 Campagna T-Rex
Campagna Press Release

Campagna T-RexClassified as a motorcycle, the T-Rex sets a new trend on the road. A distant relative of the Morgan automobiles, the T-Rex boasts a noble lineage.

Founded in 1990 in the Province of Quebec (Canada), Campagna Corporation has promptly acquired a reputation within the automotive industry. In 1994, connoiseurs acknowledged the concept to be unique in its kind and applauded the technical prowess of the time. Research and Development has brought a few generations of T-Rex since the first time it was presented to the public.

Campagna T-RexCampagna's founder devoted more than eight years to creating this superb machine, which is a veritable reinvention of the motorcycle. He personally handcrafted the first vehicles. Since then, Campagna has gathered a creative team of technicians carrying the mission, the vision and the T-Rex heritage.

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