Thursday, September 28, 2006

Galmer Arbitrage GT

2008 Galmer Arbitrage GT
Galmer Press Release

Galmer Arbitrage GT 2008The Galmer Arbitrage GT will prove to be the car that everyone would like to own.

It has been designed and engineered to hold up to the most intense scrutiny of the motor sports enthusiast.

It is being constructed with a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and mostly carbon fibre body that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the nearest competitor in its class.

The secret lies within Cobra International Co., Ltd's experience in lightweight composites and simply the cost of manufacturing in Thailand.

The Galmer Arbitrage GT is a car designed to be everything that a sports car should be without the complexities that exist in other sports cars today.

It is a back to basics approach while still using the best of available technology.

Galmer Arbitrage GT 2008This concept has given the Galmer Arbitrage GT its three words that the team lives by everyday; Pure Design, Power and Performance.

The words were prefaced by the understanding the car must be strikingly beautiful to the eye, be as light weight as possible, have a cockpit designed large enough to accommodate a basketball player, and most importantly, the owner should never be afraid to service or repair it.

It is with these ideals that the Galmer Arbitrage GT was created.

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