Thursday, September 14, 2006

Renault Nepta Concept

2006 Renault Nepta Concept
Renault Press Release

Renault Nepta Concept"The breath-taking proportions and innovative elegance of Nepta are a clear expression of Renault's great tradition in body style design. With its unique opening panels and a style that combines volume and vitality, Nepta is a resolutely modern vehicle."

Renault is unveiling its new Nepta concept car, a four-seater cabriolet with fluid lines and a thoroughbred profile. The low-slung body shape is an expression of elegance and movement, while the spacious and comfortable interior has all the hallmarks of a top-end model. Nepta is a dynamic four-seater GT cabriolet, offering performance at the wheel that is worthy of a prestige sedan.

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