Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Renault F1 R26

2006 Renault F1 R26
Renault Press Release

Renault F1 R26 2006After a perfect performance in yesterday's Brazilian Grand Prix, Renault has won the 2006 FIA Formula 1 Constructors’ World Championship and Fernando Alonso is the new 2006 FIA Formula 1 Drivers’ World Champion.

The Renault F1 Team has repeated its 2005 double after a highly spectacular season, during which the team again proved its sporting, technical and human qualities by producing the R26 single-seater that has been consistently fast and reliable.

Renault F1 R26 2006Carlos Ghosn declared: "Renault's success in winning both championship titles for the second year in a row represents a huge achievement. This is the victory of the Renault brand; a brand that is enthusiastic, innovative and capable of commanding latest generation technologies. And Renault triumphed with only the fifth-largest budget on the starting grid. Quite an achievement!"

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