Monday, November 27, 2006

Hamann BMW 5 Series Diesel

2007 Hamann BMW 5 Series Diesel
Hamann Press Release

Hamann BMW 5 Series 2007Hamann, the car refiner from Laupheim, is now expanding its product range for the BMW 5 Series E60/61 with attachments for vehicles with the M aerodynamics package. Besides the aerodynamics components, Hamann also offers other conversion measures. Diesel drivers can expect major performance increases. Up to 350 HP is possible!

BMW's range of engines leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Or do they? In any case, customers can choose from four different types of engines. Whether it is the 520d, 525d, 530d, or 535d - the Bavarian manufacturer offers the right unit to meet the needs. However, needs can grow! So a visit to Hamann is recommended to anyone wanting more performance.

Hamann BMW 5 Series 2007The company from Laupheim can help put an edge to all versions by reprogramming the series engine management. Hamann extracts performance values from the top diesel model, the 535d, which were considered impossible until now. In the first phase, the tuner increases power to 319 HP/235 kW. The maximum torque of 630 Nm makes it possible to get impressive in-gear performance figures. The limousine can make the sprint from 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds instead of the standard 6.5 seconds (add 0.1 s for the estate model). The top speed - Hamann removes the Vmax governor - increases to 267 km/h. In a second phase (sports version), the 3 litre straight six engine with a register turbocharger achieves an unbelievable 350 HP/257 kW and applies a titanic 660 Nm to the crankshaft. The acceleration values then improve once again by one-tenth of a second. The resulting 276 km/h is enough to drive one or two sports car drivers to despair. Don't forget, we're talking about a diesel!

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