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Volkswagen R GTI

2007 Volkswagen R GTI
Volkswagen Press Release

Volkswagen R GTIThirty years ago Volkswagen launched the GTI, the "hot hatch" that would revolutionise the concept of affordable and accessible high performance motoring. Now comes the R GTI, a look forward into the future of compact car performance.

Over its four generations, the GTI has grown larger, its technology more sophisticated and powerplants more muscular, but Volkswagen has never abandoned the formula that made the GTI badge an instant icon of affordable, exhilarating performance — a big hearted engine beating in a compact, usefully shaped and lightweight platform.

Few cars have enjoyed such an enduring run of success, and to honor the GTI's rich past, Volkswagen has cast an eye on the GTI of tomorrow with the R GTI, a low flying stealth machine developed by Volkswagen Chief Designer Derek Jenkins and his talented crew at the Volkswagen Design Center California, located in Santa Monica. With its striking carbon fibre body panels, four passenger sports car interior, powerful turbocharged engine and competition bred suspension, the R GTI is a stimulating fusion of style and dynamic excellence, fully modern in content and achievement yet staying true to such longstanding Volkswagen values as drivability, durability and utility.

Volkswagen R GTIThe R GTI is an uncommon and visionary blend of design talent, factory technology and aftermarket innovation, and an enticing demonstration of why Volkswagen has been a favorite of automotive enthusiasts since the GTI first hit the scene 30 years ago. It also shows that the future of the hot hatch, as demonstrated by the R GTI, is already here.

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