Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Volvo XC60 Concept

2006 Volvo XC60 Concept
Volvo Press Release

Volvo XC60 ConceptVolvo Car Corporation recently released the first official images of the XC60 Concept that will be unveiled at the upcoming North American International Auto Show. Scheduled to be shown to the world on the 7th of January 2007, the XC60 Concept looks towards Volvo's future on two significant fronts: it offers the world a sneak preview of the next XC model to come from Volvo Cars and it reveals several design elements that will be part of future Volvos.

Volvo Cars Design Director Steve Mattin and his team have designed the XC60 Concept while keeping their eyes firmly focused on one clear goal. "In recent years we have successfully emphasized the Scandinavian characteristics that base prestige on timeless, functional elegance. Now we're elevating our design DNA to an entirely new level by literally pumping up our cars' visual volume," says Mattin. "With more expressive, emotive shapes, it will be a magnet for the viewer's eyes. If a Volvo is recognisable from 100 feet away today, I want to get to the point where you will instantly spot it from twice that distance in the future."

Volvo XC60 ConceptFrom the design viewpoint, the XC60 Concept is a daring, emotionally charged creation. The concept car, resplendent in a dashing Tin Bronze livery, combines two distinct vehicle designs. "Down below, the unmistakable and capable XC muscles pump up the vehicle, giving it a purposeful stance with high ground clearance on large wheels. Above the waistline, the dashing lines trace the profile and sporty charisma of an elegant, sexy coupe," noted Mattin.

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