Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 60th Anniversary Edition

2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Ferrari Press Release

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 60th Anniversary EditionAs part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, Ferrari will build a series of 60 truly unique cars. These will be based on the 612 Scaglietti, the Prancing Horse's range topping Granturismo which combines blistering performance and superb handling with superior comfort, sumptuous handcrafted trim, state of the art accessories and meticulous attention to detail.

The cars will be offered with a two tone livery in a combination of classic Ferrari colours as used on some of the Prancing Horse's most memorable models. The interior appointments will feature sophisticated colour combinations and a stunning new generation electrochromic glass roof, itself a major innovation. The degree of opacity of the roof, in fact, can be adjusted to suit the occupants' requirements.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 60th Anniversary EditionTo underline the exclusivity of this series of one offs, each example will also boast an enamelled symbol set on the central tunnel representing one of the 60 historic events chosen to celebrate the Marque's anniversary.

The result is a true collector's car aimed at Ferrari's most dedicated clients.

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