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TRD Aurion

2007 Toyota TRD Aurion
Toyota Press Release

TRD Aurion 2007Toyota Australia has adopted a premium sporty design for its upcoming TRD Aurion because a "plastic fantastic" image would not appeal to the target market, the company's head designer said today.

Mr Paul Beranger, corporate manager of Toyota Style Australia, said research showed potential customers are more likely to be attracted by a subtle blend of technically enhanced styling cues.

He said the car's premium design would be complemented by the new engineering package developed by TRD.

"We didn't want to build a car that has a lot of plastic bits on it - or simply throw another body kit on it," Mr Beranger said.

"People who pay for a premium performance car definitely don't want to be followed by every police car on the road.

TRD Aurion's Engine 2007"There are a lot of people around who want a sophisticated design. They don't necessarily want to be seen driving a 'Batmobile'.

"What we are going to offer is a complete package that will align it more closely to a sophisticated market rather than outright brute performance.

"The challenge is to balance technology, styling and features at a realistic cost.

"We think we've nailed it," he said.

Mr Beranger said the TRD Aurion has an international design with links to TRD's motorsport heritage.

"We are targeting a sophisticated market that offers a higher-quality product. We are not in the V8 market.

"If this car were imported from Japan, it would fit naturally into the Toyota family - rather than having some people wrongly try to position it as an almighty V8-killer."

Mr Beranger said Toyota is the only company manufacturing in Australia that has a Formula One connection.

F1-linked aspects of the TRD Aurion include the integration of the exhaust, the twin rear wings for improved airflow, front lip spoiler, greater airflow through the radiator and aero panels under the car for better downforce and road-holding.

"Components on the car that affect the airflow are designed with aerodynamics in mind rather than simply bolting additional plastic onto the car," he said.

Mr Beranger said the styling of the TRD Aurion would have global appeal.

"That immediately sets us apart from other locally produced cars."

Toyota Australia plans to launch the TRD Aurion in August 2007.

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