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Opel Flextreme Concept

2007 Opel Flextreme Concept
GM Media Release

Opel Flextreme Concept 2007Opel's Flextreme concept car, which makes its premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt (13-23 September 2007), boasts the body of a dynamic monocab, as well as the completely new environmentally friendly E-Flex electric propulsion concept and a host of innovative details.

Flextreme is part of GM's ongoing commitment to develop vehicles that reduce CO2 emissions and the automobile's dependency on petroleum. In contrast to conventional vehicles and hybrids, GM's E-Flex system uses an electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery, to propel the Opel Flextreme concept for up to 55 km of electric-drive-only range.

A 1.3 litre turbo-diesel onboard engine generates additional electricity to replenish the battery and extend the vehicle's driving range fully charged, the Flextreme's 55 km all-electric driving range is enough for most daily commuters in Europe to travel without using any diesel fuel or emitting any CO2.

Opel Flextreme Concept 2007The Flextreme takes the new design language debuted in the GTC Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show several steps further. With the rear-hinged back doors (FlexDoor) that enable comfortable access to the interior, a large transparent roof and two tailgate doors that open from the side and swing upwards (FlexLoad), the concept car embodies Opel's tradition of particularly flexible and practical body concepts with attractive designs. This also includes the FlexLoad's additional underfloor luggage compartment the latest in a series of innovative Opel solutions such as the Zafira's seating system (Flex7) and the integrated rear carrier system FlexFix found in the Corsa and Antara. And the big surprise is the integration of two high-tech electric personal transporters, ingeniously packaged below the cargo floor. They can be used in areas that cars cannot enter, thereby adding an extra mobility option. The electric scooters provide up to a 38 km (23 miles) of clean mobility.

For the IAA, FlexLoad carries special cargo in tune with the Flextreme's electric propulsion: electrically-powered Segway Personal Transporters (PTs). These high-tech transportation devices have been modified for their mobile garage. With a twist of the handlebar-mounted release, the handlebar telescopically retracts and rotates downwards for easy loading into the Flexload compartment. Once docked, the batteries of the Segways can be charged along with the Flextreme's batteries.

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