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BMW 5 Series

2008 BMW 5 Series
BMW Press Release

BMW 5 Series 2008Building on last year's updates, BMW's 2008 5 Series Sedans and Sport Wagon receive another significant freshening and, in the case of 6-cylinder models, a major boost in power and efficiency. Complementing the power increase, a thoroughly revised interior, new technological features and a freshened look front and rear ensure this benchmark collection of rear and all-wheel-drive Sedans and Sports Wagon will maintain their place at the forefront of the mid-size luxury class.

The early March 2007 release of the 2008 5 Series models represent the most significant update since their introduction in late 2003 as 2004s. Adopting the new engines introduced in the 3 Series Coupe, the 6-cylinder Sedans and Sport Wagon receive new model designations, reflecting a marked boost in power. Last year's 525i and 525xi both get the new, 230-horsepower iteration of BMW's remarkable aluminium/magnesium composite N52 engine, along with new 528i and 528xi nomenclature. Similarly, the 530i and 530xi become the 535i and 535xi, respectively, as the new designations signify the addition of BMW's latest, 300-horsepower N54 twin-turbo inline-6. Included in this engine upgrade is the 2008 535xi Sports Wagon, its 300-horsepower eclipsing the old 290-hp V8 540i and making it the most powerful Sports Wagon BMW has ever offered in the U.S. While the current 550i retains its 360-horsepower 4.8-litre V8, the mid-size flagship receives a new Sport Package with 19-inch wheels and new body treatments, along with the updated interior and exterior freshening.

BMW 5 Series 2008In addition to the horsepower boost, new performance features include a quicker-shifting Sport Automatic transmission for the rear-drive 535i and 550i Sedans, which also provides fingertip shift control via steering wheel mounted paddles. This is in addition to the new, updated STEPTRONIC that is now a no-cost option on all 5 Series models. New Sport Package contents bring 18-inch wheels and run-flat performance tyres to all 6-cylinder models, including staggered-width 18-inch tyres on the rear-drive 535i Sedan. The same 18-inch wheel and tyre option is also available on Sport Package-equipped 535xi models as a further extra-cost addition.

New technological features also make their appearance for '08. First among these is BMW's Lane Departure Warning system, a camera-based system that monitors lane placement, and discreetly notifies the driver via mild steering wheel vibration of any motions that might indicate an inadvertent lane change. The convenience of Active Cruise Control is extended via a new Stop and Go feature, which enables the system to function even in heavy traffic. Active Cruise allows the vehicle to come to a complete stop without losing its setting, then accelerate back up to set speed with only a touch of the accelerator pedal from the driver. Audio options expand with a USB Adapter for an iPod or MP3 player. And BMW's leading-edge iDrive system adds a row of programmable "favourites" buttons, which can be used for anything from radio-station presets to pre-programmed destinations with the optional navigation system.

With all these changes for 2008, BMW's 5 Series again reasserts itself as the class leader in the midsize performance-luxury field.

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