Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kleemann GTK Concept

2007 Kleemann GTK Concept
Kleemann Press Release

Kleemann GTK Concept 2007Kleemann, best known for their long experience in Kompressor technology and exclusive styling products for Mercedes-Benz cars, now enters the battlefield of the exclusive sportscar manufacturers. This was made possible when Kleemann employed the internationally experienced car designer Christian Brandt. Christian has headed the top secret GTK design project, which was not only a sportscar project, but also a design and technology development platform for future Kleemann performance and styling solutions for Mercedes-Benz cars.

The Kleemann styling solutions have always been designed with the deepest of respect for the elegant, powerful and exclusive design of the Mercedes-Benz cars. In order to go to the next level of Kleemann design, we felt that we needed to create a complete car. Designing a complete car enables us to create styling solutions for the Mercedes-Benz cars from a much bigger perspective than we have done previously by creating enhancements for production cars, says Christian Brandt.

Kleemann GTK Concept 2007Christian Brandt adds, "The GTK design project has been a big inspiration for both current and future Kleemann products. The wheel of the GTK has inspired the new TS-7 wheel with its unique directional one-piece design, and elements from the GTK design are similar to some parts of the current styling solutions for the Kleemann S-class and CLS-class. Current design projects planned for launch in the next 6-12 months for new Mercedes-Benz models will feature significant shapes and details from the GTK design. As all other Kleemann styling solutions, the design of the GTK is based on the unique Kleemann design code of elegance and simplicity acknowledging the Nordic design traditions of simple and organic shapes. The positive feedback from the market over the past couple of years confirms us in the belief that the Kleemann design direction we set in 2004 is right and appealing to the international market."

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