Monday, November 12, 2007

Lexus LS600hL Luxury Hybrid

2007 Lexus LS600hL Luxury Hybrid
Lexus Press Release

2007 Lexus LS600hL Luxury HybridLexus has launched its flagship LS600hL hybrid sedan. It will become available in Australia from 19 November 2007.

The new LS600hL long-wheelbase sedan features the world's most sophisticated all-wheel-drive hybrid system and provides Lexus' most opulent driving environment.

The LS600hL achieves many world and segment firsts. They include the first all-wheel-drive V8 hybrid system, the first application of LED low-beam headlights and the world's first anti-submarining in-seat airbag1.

LS600hL also features an Intelligent Park Assist (IPA) system, a first for this segment and for any vehicle in Australia.

IPA assists the driver by using a rear camera and ultrasonic sensors to identify a parking space before calculating the appropriate steering angle to guide the LS600hL into the parking space.

2007 Lexus LS600hL Luxury HybridThe hybrid system is Lexus' most powerful ever. It combines the highest-output electric and petrol engines of any Lexus to date and produces a combined 327kW.

The world-first LED headlights offer near-daylight-quality white light in less than 0.1 second to enhance night driving.

LS600hL shares traits with its LS460 stablemate, which was named the World's Best Car in April this year by World Car of the Year.

LS600hL builds on this solid foundation and takes the luxury vehicle proposition to a new level.

The flagship Lexus will be the most exclusive of the marque's vehicles, accounting for less than one per cent of total Lexus sales in Australia.

LS600hL will also come to market with Lexus' most intuitive climate control system. The climate control system features a body temperature-sensing network. It can automatically adjust any one of the four temperature zones to ensure maximum comfort for occupants.

2007 Lexus LS600hL Luxury HybridLeft-hand rear passengers will also be able to relax on a reclining rear ottoman that features both climate control and massage functionality, and the world's first in-seat airbag.

Lexus active and passive safety features include Lexus' hallmark Pre-Collision safety System and a total of 11 airbags.

Lexus Australia chief executive John Roca said LS600hL was of the highest importance to the overall Lexus brand in Australia.

"LS has always been the most important vehicle in the Lexus line-up," said Mr Roca.

"It provides a 'halo effect' for the rest of the brand.

"It has always represented Lexus' interpretation of automotive perfection.

"LS600hL is the most advanced luxury vehicle available today.

"Based on its technological and comfort inclusions, it has essentially established a market segment of its own.

"A vehicle of this calibre is not intended to be a volume seller - it is reserved for those fortunate few who enjoy the best of everything."

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