Thursday, May 29, 2008

USD GT-S Passionata Concept

2008 USD GT-S Passionata Concept
Ugur Sahin Design Press Release

USD GT-S Passionata Concept 2008Working at the final production preparations for our USD Corvette Z03 project, Ugur Sahin Design hereby releases the first official images of our new USD GT-S Passionata concept.

The name Passionata refers to the dedicated passion that was used by Ugur Sahin to take his Ferrari Dino concept of last year to a feasible concept study in order to create the ultimate design balance for a timeless piece of Automotive Haute Couture.

Based on the Ferrari 599 Fiorano aluminium space frame chassis and mechanicals, the USD GT-S Passionata is a grand sports tourer with a design language that hearkens back to the days of Ferrariā€™s iconic GT and race cars from the sixties.

USD GT-S Passionata Concept 2008The USD GT-s Passionata concept has been developed for the discerning customer who desires a perfect blend of neo-classical body design language and modern technologies and road performance. We present the USD GT-S Passionata as a feasible design concept, which indicates that when there will be a demand for customer conversions, production will be arranged.

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