Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hummer Golf Car

2008 Hummer Golf Car
GM Media Release

Hummer Golf Car 2008The Middle East's fairways and hotels should brace themselves for an 'on-road' invasion this July with the arrival of the first Hummer golf carts - the ultimate in luxury accessories for the region's golfers.

The Hummer Golf Car is built to provide all of the quality assurances that an officially licensed GM product does, ensuring it can wear the Hummer Golf Car emblem with pride. The four and six-seat electric carts are proportionally identical to the Hummer H1, H2 and H3 models, and all boast custom-built Hummer Chrome wheels and a rugged aluminium I-beam chassis.

Engineered to be the best custom-made luxury electric vehicle on the market, the Hummer Golf Car is the first proportionally correct and only licensed custom Golf Car. It boasts the roomiest seating area and the most legroom of any custom-made electric vehicle in the world. The interior is ergonomically designed with cup holders in the centre console, and all of the controls at the driver's fingertips.

Hummer Golf Car 2008Mini Hummer UAE is introducing these high-quality, low-speed electric vehicles into the Middle East's fast growing luxury market. These exceptionally high profile vehicles will provide elite Golfing Clubs, Hotels, Racing circuits and Large Estates with an overwhelming edge to their services.

The Hummer Golf Car is equipped with a long range 48-volt system to ensure maximum range while delivering optimal power to the high torque motor. The Hummer Golf Car also utilises the highest quality components available for the electric golf vehicle industry.

The Hummer Golf Car incorporates safety features that most other custom-made electric vehicles simply don't offer. Standard features include extra large mirrors, head lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, fog lights, a reverse warning buzzer, safety horn and hazard lights. To ensure that it can stop safely and efficiently the Hummer Golf Car is equipped with a standard 4 wheel braking system that features front hydraulic disc brakes and self adjusting rear drum brakes.

This unique vehicle can also be upgraded with a selection of optional chrome brush guards, running boards, leather seats, body colours and graphics and a state-of-the-art sound system. If needed, there is even an optional "Golf balls washer".

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