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Revetec's New Combustion Engine Beats All

Revetec's Australian Designed & Built Engine Beats All
Revetec Press Releases

Revetec's Australian Designed & Built EngineIn 2006, Revetec was granted a Federal Government Commercial Ready Grant of over AUD$1 million, to develop and test Revetec's new combustion engine. Revetec has designed and built the latest engine in their Gold Coast facility, then shipped the engine to Orbital Australia in Perth for Independent testing.

During testing, the engine achieved a repeatable Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) figure of 212g/(kW-h) or 38.6% efficiency, best figure achieved being 207g/(kW-h) or 39.5% efficiency. This figure is outstanding as the Toyota Prius Hybrid has an BSFC figure of 236g/(kW-h) or 34.7% efficiency. The recent testing figures were produced using limited top end technology, and is a stand alone power-plant.

In recent tests of Hybrid vehicles in England it was shown that Hybrids offer little benefits over diesels, in either efficiency or emissions. Clive Mathew-Wilson, editor of the Dog and Lemon Guide says Hybrids are a failure. "Hybrids have failed to deliver their promised benefits to motorists" he said. "To date, Hybrids offer a feel-good factor and very little else. They are not the most economical vehicles nor do they necessarily save the environment by putting out less emissions, as has been claimed" he said.

Tests by British environmental website Clean Green Cars show existing hybrids offer no significant CO² advantage over an equivalent diesel of similar performance. Three Hybrids and three diesel models were tested in similar circumstances and the fuel consumption figures showed diesel models generally used less fuel and therefore emitted less CO².

Revetec's Chairman Mr Brad Howard Smith stated that their engine can be designed as a diesel, as well as all other types of fuel, used in reciprocating internal combustion engines such as Bio-diesel, Ethanol, CNG, LPG and Hydrogen. "A diesel version of the Revetec engine will further increase our engine's efficiency" he said.

Goldman Sachs has suggested oil barrel prices may reach $US150-$US200 a barrel by 2012. If this price is reached, Australian motorists could be paying up to AUD$3.50 a litre at the bowser.

In recent road tests of Revetec's X4 engine in a vehicle, it was estimated that the fuel consumption was reduced by over 40% from the original vehicle's engine. The engine also produced far better performance and acceleration than the vehicle's original engine.

Last week Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced a generous AUD$35 million grant to Toyota for the building of an electric petrol Hybrid vehicle in Victoria (matched equally from the Brumby Government in Melbourne). The funding will be sourced from the Government's AUD$500 million Green Car Fund, which is suppose to be about generating innovation, despite the fact Toyota's Hybrid technology is already proven and in use.

Revetec's Chairman Brad Howell-Smith stated that the new testing figures have proven that the engine design is the most efficient in the World. "We are really happy with the latest test figures, although they can be vastly improved upon by utilising the latest automotive top end technology" he said.

Revetec is aware of many automotive manufacturers who are currently evaluating the latest Independent testing report. "The government should include Revetec as part of its Green Technology funding policy. The problem is getting the right department or Ministers, and making them aware of our technology" he said.

"A perfect scenario would be for the Australian Government to help support and enlist the support of the other car manufacturers for a Revetec automotive project in the way of financial assistance from the Green Car Fund", Mr. Howell-Smith said. "If we were successful in bringing a Revetec automotive engine to market, motorists globally will benefit from the technology. This will help reduce the impact of rising fuel prices, and help reduce greenhouse emissions".

Company Background
Who is Revetec Holdings Limited?
Revetec is an Australian owned public company listed on the NSX in Australia which owns the patents to an improved engine design.

Who Designed the Revetec (CCE) engine?
Mr. Bradley Howell-Smith invented the "Controlled Combustion Engine" (CCE). This design is arguably the most significant engine innovation since the internal combustion engine was built. Revetec now holds patents in key world markets to this design. Revetec is currently developing a combustion engine with funding from the Australian Government Commercial Ready Grant.

What advantage has the Revetec (CCE) engine have over conventional engines?
The CCE has the following advantages compared to the conventional engine:
· Higher and earlier torque than the conventional engine
· Reduction in fuel consumption by up to 40%
· Lower emissions by up to 40%
· Smaller and lighter engine
· Increased efficiency producing 30% energy savings

What can the Revetec (CCE) engine be used for?
Revetec's engine has universal use in all engines which is Piston related and can be categorised broadly as follows:
· Automotive
· Transportation
· Light aircraft
· Marine
· Power Generation
· Pumps
· Agricultural and Industrial machines

For further information visit the Revetec website.

Contact Information
Brad Howell-Smith
Mobile: +61 (0) 433 160 643
+61 (0) 7 5591 6345

Source: Revetec Press Releases

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