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Toyota Camry Hybrid

2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Press Release

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2010Toyota's decision to produce Australia's first hybrid car will headline the company's motorshow presence in Sydney next month.

This first close-up for local motorists of Toyota's hybrid Camry occurs a little over 12 months before the start of local production.

The display model is a left-hand-drive US-specification car brought specially to Australia for evaluation and public display of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive technology.

The hybrid Camry and other exhibits will demonstrate Toyota's global hybrid leadership when the Australian International Motor Show opens to the public on 9 October.

Joining the hybrid Camry on the stand will be the Hybrid X concept, which provides a vision for the future of Toyota and its Hybrid Synergy Drive technology.

The stand will also feature Prius, the world's best-selling hybrid, which has reached global sales of 1.1 million, including almost 11,000 in Australia.

Toyota Australia will begin manufacturing hybrid Camry sedans at its Altona plant from the beginning of 2010.

The petrol-electric hybrid will offer more performance while using less fuel than a conventional petrol Camry - and it will also emit less carbon dioxide.

The hybrid Camry benefits from a four-cylinder petrol engine and a high-voltage motor which are controlled by computer to ensure they work together in the most energy-efficient way.

Hybrid Synergy Drive technology enables Camry to operate for short distances on electric power only.

It also provides automatic stop/start for the engine at traffic lights, reclaims energy while braking and uses energy stored in the hybrid battery to boost acceleration performance.

Toyota Australia plans to produce 10,000 hybrid Camry sedans a year in addition to the existing four-cylinder Camry and V6 Aurion sedans produced at the Altona plant in Melbourne's west.

The hybrid Camry is currently produced in Japan and the United States. It will also be produced in Thailand.

At launch, Toyota will be the first and only carmaker in Australia selling a locally built hybrid car.

Toyota Australia senior executive director David Buttner said hybrid vehicles produce lower and cleaner emissions than standard engine technologies, improve fuel consumption and lower the demand for oil.

"The hybrid Camry is a next-generation, fuel-efficient vehicle that is better for the environment and the hip pockets of Australian motorists," Mr Buttner said.

Toyota's global vision is to sell one million or more hybrid vehicles annually as early as possible after 2010.

Toyota is Australia's largest car manufacturer and market leader with annual sales approaching 250,000 vehicles.

This year, the Australian company celebrated the production milestone of 2.5 million vehicles after 45 years of local manufacturing operations.

Last year, Toyota Australia exported a record 98,000 vehicles to more than 20 countries, mainly to the Middle East.

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