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Toyota iQ

2009 Toyota iQ
Toyota Press Release

Toyota iQ 2009Today the final production model of the new iQ makes its world debut in Paris – one of the great European cities this revolutionary vehicle was created for.

Last seen as a near-final design at this year's Geneva Motor Show, few cars are so radical in the thinking behind their design, that they start to question the very nature and purpose of motorised transport as we know it today. Yet, this was the starting point for iQ, a city car so innovative that Toyota see it – like Prius – as a major milestone in future vehicle developments.

iQ turns conventional thinking on its head. It does not compromise in terms of space, fun or comfort, because when potentially conflicting requirements were identified during the design and planning stage, Toyota engineers went to extraordinary lengths to redesign, reengineer or relocate components to maintain the original goals of the concept.

iQ totally redefines what a car should be for today's congested cities and rising environmental consciousness. Its CO2 emissions start at 99g/km. Yet it is still a fun car to drive, with outstanding dynamics and features advanced powertrain technology.

Toyota iQ 2009Hiroki Nakajima, Chief Engineer of the iQ project, explains, "For the development of the iQ, my search for a design concept befitting a stylish and small sophisticated car began by envisioning the customer. My theory was that the group of people most suited to this car's style, small size and premium edge would be described as 'post-modern' – people who demonstrate independence in their choice of lifestyle and values."

Tomorrow's iQ drivers will be young affluent city dwellers – either singles or couples, mostly without children, and with a taste for striking design. They will have a concern for the environment, but are not prepared to compromise on looks, style or performance. iQ's highly individual style, urban practicality and superior performance will appeal to them emotionally as well as rationally.

The first iQ models will take to the streets early in 2009. Toyota expects yearly iQ sales volumes to be around 80,000 units in Europe.

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