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Brabus Tesla Roadster

2009 Brabus Tesla Roadster
Brabus Press Release

Brabus Tesla Roadster 2009The first tuned electric car comes from Brabus: The first project of the future cooperation between Tesla Motors, Inc. and the new Brabus business division Zero Emission celebrates its world debut at the 2008 Essen Motor Show. Brabus presents an exclusive customisation program for the Tesla Roadster, the world's first electrically powered production sports car.

The new Brabus logo with added lightning bolt is the trademark of Brabus Zero Emission vehicles.

To give the sports car a more exciting sound the Brabus electronics specialists have developed a 'space sound generator.' The occupants on-board the Tesla Roadsters can choose from several simulated engine sounds including that of a typical V8 combustion engine, a racecar engine and two futuristic soundscapes named 'Beam' and 'Warp.' The volume of the sound is dependent on the momentary power output of the electric motor.

A custom-tailored Brabus tyre/wheel combination further improves handling characteristics. The two-seater is refined with weight-optimised Brabus Monoblock S light-alloy wheels in size 7Jx18 in front and in size 8.5Jx19 in back. Brabus technology partner Pirelli provides the corresponding P Zero Nero high-performance tyres in size 215/35 ZR 18 in front and in size 255/30 ZR 19 on the rear axle. These tyres were developed to deliver minimum rolling resistance.

Brabus Tesla Roadster 2009The two-seater also receives an even more striking exterior at Brabus. The customisation measures include a special high-quality 'matte white' paintjob. To give the mid-engine sports car an even more enticing face the Brabus designers treat the front apron to a lightweight carbon-fibre front lip and daytime running lights integrated into the front grille. Matte-white surrounds for the headlamps add interesting detail to the overall effect.

The sides of the Tesla are upgraded with Brabus entrance lights shaped like futuristic space lights. They are activated with the keyless fob or by pulling on a door handle. Brabus carbon-fibre air inlets add even more sporty flair. Immediately apparent in the rear are the Brabus rear wing and the Brabus rear diffuser, both made from light yet extremely strong carbon fibre. The round taillights are accentuated further by matte-white applications.

The Brabus customisation program for the Tesla Roadster also includes exclusive interior options. The range of products starts with scuff plates with illuminated Brabus logo. They are integrated into the top of the rocker panels.

Brabus Tesla Roadster 2009The company-own Brabus upholstery shop masterfully handcrafts exquisite custom interiors for the Tesla. The designers chose a combination of especially soft yet durable Brabus perforated lightweight leather and Alcantara. The cockpit features white seams to reflect the exterior colour. The vehicle floor is also upholstered with lightweight leather for added exclusivity.

The goal of the Brabus customisation concept for the Tesla Roadster is to define a potential limited edition as well as an individual tuning program for the Tesla driver.

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