Wednesday, March 04, 2009

EDAG Light Car Open Source

2009 EDAG Light Car Open Source
EDAG Press Release

EDAG Light Car Open SourceWith its innovative light concept and minimalised lighting technology, the "Light Car - Open Source" is one of the first vehicles to use (O)LED technology as a variable design and communication element.

Not until it is started up does the "Light Car - Open Source," with a body that looks as though it is made of glass, come to life and reveal its true looks.

In the glass panes, (O)LED lamps mark the outlines of the headlights and rear lights on the "Light Car - Open Source."

The driver can design the outlines of the lights to his individual taste to give the car a unique appearance, something he is already used to doing, from setting up his PC desktop.

The idea is that the drive should also be offered the philosophy of the desktop when it comes to arranging his "workplace" in the cockpit.

EDAG Light Car Open SourceWhether he wants the tachometer in the middle or the climate control gauge on the right-hand side, the driver can individually configure his cockpit as far as size, position, and style of the instruments is concerned.

With the potential offered by today's PC and lighting technology, EDAD aims, in future, to hand creative scope over to the customer, so that he can make his own decisions on interior and exterior design elements.

With this new design and technology concept, EDAG will be accommodating the consumer's ever-increasing desire for individualisation.

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