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Protoscar Lampo Concept

2009 Protoscar Lampo Concept
Protoscar Press Release

Protoscar Lampo ConceptProtoscar SA has unveiled Lampo - a full size sport cabriolet - at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show on March 2nd, (stand 5141 in the e-mobile area).

Lampo is powered by two BRUSA electric motors (one rear and one front), optimised for maximising acceleration and regenerative braking respectively.

They deliver a total output of 268 hp and a torque of over 440 Nm.

The lightweight Lithium-Ion battery pack with a capacity of 33.6 kWh allows for a range of over 200 km.

Lampo shows that also a zero-emission electric vehicle can offer the same performance as a traditional sporty car.

The primary energy source used for charging the Lampo has been in existence for more than 4.5 billion years and has demonstrated to be rather reliable: it’s the sun.

The exploitation of solar energy for Lampo is possible thanks to a 16 kWp photovoltaic plant located in Seggiano, Tuscany.

Protoscar Lampo ConceptNever before a premium driving pleasure like the one of the Lampo has been achieved at such an optimal level of overall "Well-to-Wheel" energy efficiency - and zero emissions.

However, even if the Lampo was "filled up" with today’s particularly clean Swiss electricity mix, the WtW CO2 emissions of this vehicle would only account for about 7 g/km!

Considering the EU electricity mix projection scenario for 2020, elaborated by Eurelectric, the WtW CO2 emission would still be limited to about 40 g/km.

Through the showcar Lampo, Protoscar and its partners aim to demonstrate new technologies which include absolute innovations such as "intelligent charging" or interactive GPS-based "range estimator" – and discuss potential applications together with car manufacturers, in order to implement these solutions into their plans for future CleanCars.

Source: Protoscar Press Releases

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