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GTA Spano

2009 GTA Spano
GTA Press Release

GTA Spano 2009"There was a time without time, where the moon shone high in the sky. One night, absent-mindedly, she approached the Earth and got caught in the branches of a tree."

"From the Darkness, a wolf appeared, projecting its Majestic shadow on to the hill. Howls and moonlight were witnesses of their relationship. But all stories come to an end, and the wolf returned to the wood while the Moon climbed back up into the sky".

"As legend has it on this magical night, the wolf caught the shining of the moon in its eyes, and the moon stole the wolf's shadow to be dressed at night. Since that time, the wolf howls at the Moon for it to return his shadow."

Following the example of the large automobile industry companies, an animal figure was chosen as the GTA symbol, in this case the wolf being a symbol of light which represents the qualities of strength and courage. Besides, this animal happens to be the symbol of the coat of arms of the founder's and company owner's surname, Domingo Ochoa. Of aquitano origin, the surname Ochoa comes from Otxoa, and from the word Otsoa, meaning wolf. The logotype also depicts a red and white chequered flag, these being the distinguishing marks of GTA Motor with more than 15 years' motorsport competition behind it.

GTA Spano 2009With the Spano's construction, GTA Motor intended to go down in history in Spain and around the world, by following with the legend of sports cars manufactured by other Spanish mythical makes. Nowadays they are considered masterpieces, and are very much appreciated by collectors and at times, are of an incalculable value. Spano was born as the fastest and most powerful automobile ever built in Spain for commercial purposes. In short, it is the car that will mark an era.

Technical Specifications
Engine: 8.3 litre V10
Aspiration: Supercharged
Maximum Power: 780 hp (582 kW)
Maximum Torque: 679 lb-ft (919 Nm)
Transmission: Seven-speed sequential manual
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

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